Exterior of the Home

The exterior of your house is the face of your home and shares its style and personality with the neighbourhood and those just driving by. It is the last thing you see of your home as you head into your day, and the first thing that welcomes you on your return. The exterior details and materials are just as important as the inside, even more so than the bathroom tiles or your kitchen’s back splash. Materials such as stone, copper, wood, steel and brick can be used to finish a specific architectural style or create a new one. Your house’s exterior paint colour may be the most visible design decision you make especially if showcased with exterior lights. The landscaping of the front and side lawn offer both a welcoming transition from street to door and a buffer between your home and the public spaces it shares. Outdoor areas are often the last to receive design attention, but they shouldn’t be. What surrounds your home is just as important as what is in it. Whether it is the manicured front lawn, the infinity edge pool in the back or flower beds and potted plants, These spaces benefit from the same attention to detail as any bathroom or kitchen. Well designed landscapes complement the home’s architecture and design, giving the home a story that can be read inside and out. By carrying your design style outdoors, you can turn a patio, deck, or even a balcony into another room of the house. Plan space for your lifestyle by incorporating ample seating, outdoor tables, cushions upholstered in outdoor fabrics, play areas, dining areas and sunning areas. Many outdoor spaces have become quite elaborate, including seating areas, fireplaces , barbecue facilities, kitchens and dining areas. Even if your space isn’t that elaborate, you can still create a relaxing spot for lounging and entertaining. Exterior Lighting not only helps to beautify the home, but also enhances the safety. and helps to change the complete aura of a house, as it lights each and every corner. Lighting in the exterior spaces can facilitate people to enjoy the weather for longer and make them look spectacular. Entrances, decked areas, gardens, lawns, staircases and many other exterior corners can be brightened up with lights and made a center of attraction for the home.There are various kinds of outdoor lights and they can profuse your house with an air of elegance, charm, sophistication and aristocracy. The various models of outdoor lights include: Victorian five lamp-post, palm tree uplighters, garden torches, archway lights, French style lanterns, hanging and patio lamps and others. Apart from households, outdoor lights can also be installed in your workplace or any other public area to make that place look beautiful and decorated. They also add security to the place by providing adequate lighting. As a transition space, your porch should feel like an extension of your home’s interior. There are no formal rules, so decorate your porch to reflect your lifestyle. Don’t forget, this can be done for apartment balconies and high-rise terraces. A popular trend which looks appealing is the use of outdoor curtains around seating areas, offering some shade or wind protection. As you are outside keep in mind materials like metals and fabrics can rust and absorb moisture. Materials are available for terraces and gardens that are sun and mold resistant at reasonable prices to ensure your decorative items remain in their original condition, fabrics produced for the marine industry are also a good choice for exterior garden use, and a new edition is specialist outdoor curtain fabrics too.