Guest Bedrooms You Would Never Leave

1428532796-540f580953304-vdx-09-napoleon-iii-tufted-beds-18th-century-antique-venetian-fauteuil-0313-mscTo allow forms and textures to come to the fore, designer Pamela Pierce’s Houston house, down to the guest rooms, is pattern-free. Napoleon III tufted beds and 18th-c. Venetian fauteuil in Bergamo Oseille Sauvage linen. The console table is the mate to the one in the guest bath.



A streamlined canopy of Jim Thompson silk accentuates the lofty proportions of a guest room.

Headboard and side tables, Jan Showers Collection. Walls, Benjamin Moore Regal Select in Inukshuk.


A guest room’s array of patterns is unified by a cohesive palette.

Bedcovering and wallpaper, Pierre Frey. Antique bench in Scalamandré velvet. Antique French armchair in Clarence House fabric. Lamps, Robert Kime. Carpet, Stark. Art (left), Jim Dine.


Charles Stewart chair in Brunschwig & Fils toile. Antique saddle as stool. Rusticks four-posters. Léron linens. Bed skirts and draperies in Jane Shelton stripe. Holland & Company lamp. Rug from Stark.


Colorful Turkish textiles brighten a guest bedroom. Bed curtain and pillow, C&C Milano fabrics. Bed linens, Ann Gish. Hanging light fixture, Flos. Antique Turkish rug, Timothy Paul Carpets + Textiles


5 great ways to give your home modern edge



Expert advice that anyone can use

Not everyone can bring in an architect when they’re remodelling their home, so Livingetc asked Mike Stiff, of leading UK architects Stiff + Trevillion, to give us five, easy-to-follow tips as to how to give a property a thoroughly modern edge.

1. Create a clear line of sight

‘When you walk through the front door,’ Mike says, ‘make sure you can see the garden. It’s a simple thing, but it makes the house feel open, vibrant and positive. There’s no doubt about it, light is the key to interior design, so think about using glass doors internally to let in light and invest in a really good-quality glazing system and insulation to ensure the house doesn’t burn excess energy.’
2. Install semi-hidden light fittingsStiff-diner-long-shot

‘I prefer not to see the light source, unless it is a beautiful object in its own right,’ Mike continues. ‘We often install downlights and LED strips for the way the light looks and illuminates. I’m pretty fed up with the bare-bulb look – it’s overused and predictable, although we do like reclaimed pieces from companies such as Skinflint and Trainspotters.’3. Storage is key to a clutter-free look


‘We tend to use concealed storage in the more classically minimal projects,’ says Mike. ‘The “industrial chic” look works well with open shelves and suspended features, while in more rural projects, we might use materials such as timber and wicker. Storage needs to sit well in the background rather than draw attention to itself. Space is at a premium more than ever, so looking at the Japanese style of living is a good starting point. Read Marie Kondo‘s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.’

4. Your choice of materials matters

‘There’s a definite interest in brick, which was unfashionable for ages,’ Mike explains. ‘We used a slim, crafted-looking Danish brick called Petersen on a project in London, which looks the same as the day it was finished. I also like using brick flooring and white-painted brick walls are nice. There are a lot of shiny materials around, which liven things up a bit, but stainless steel and black anodised metal will always be classics – a bit like black shoes.’Stiffs-kitchen

5. For long-lasting style, cut out the bling
‘We’re not flash – we try to be respectful and timeless,’ says Mike. ‘I’d hate to design a place and go past it every day thinking, “God, why did I do that?” Architecture can sometimes be a victim of fashion, but I’ve learned not to be too precious about things… My wife and I moved into our home about 15 years ago and I was quite enthusiastic, renovating and extending the entire house. Then we had the kids and a dog and they wrecked it!’Stiffs-bay


To learn more about this Stiff + Trevillion project, click here.

For more interior design ideas, visit the Livingetc website.

8 Paint Colors That Will Make You Rethink White




The power of a white room is stunning—clean and crisp, the neutral palette adds a dose of instant chic to any home. With a never-ending array of undertones and finishes, finding the perfect white paint for your space can be a daunting task.

So what’s the perfect formulation for your molding? Your bathroom? How about your ceiling? We’ve asked designer Rozanne Jackson to break it down. Here, she discusses her favorite shades of ivory for every space:

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1. Sherwin Williams – SW551: Greek Villa. This is my favorite soft white, it looks beautiful in any light. I have used this both at projects on the coast, and in the hills of Tennessee. It neither reads pink nor yellow, but stays true soft white.

2. Zolatone – the Counterpoint Collection. Several varying shades of white, all pearlized. An awesome set of paint options to glamorize cabinetry for bathroom vanities and closets. Subtle, but elegant.

3. Sherwin Williams – SW7637: Oyster White. Just like the name states, a perfect white with slight gray undertones. This is a wonderful more gray option for walls and trim, providing a sense of mystery without appearing too dark.

4. Farrow and Ball – Strong White #2001. Another great white for walls and millwork. I love the crispness that it adds to a space.

5. Farrow and Ball – Joa’s White #226. This is the color of antique French linen. It is a gorgeous warm white.

6. Fine Paints of Europe – WC-05. This paint is very luxurious and thick in texture, great for your front door! I love the high gloss finish – it is reminiscent of the stunning doors you encounter in Europe.

7. Sherwin Williams – SW6259: Spatial White. It has a soft lavender undertone. I use this color when I want to create a romantic mood.

8. Benjamin Moore – OC-130: Cloud White. This soft white is another great go-to for your walls and millwork. As the name suggests, it reminds me of a big fluffy cloud on a hot summer day.


Ceiling drapes

Ceiling decoration

Ceilings can look surprisingly beautiful, give a room the true grandeur it deserves with a tented ceiling. A fabric-draped ceiling creates a dramatic and romantic atmosphere. Elegant swags cascading outward from a central hub is an elegant design.  This design can also be used effectively in a master bedroom with vaulted or high ceilings. Gentle rolling waves of fabric can be installed across a lower ceiling for a similar soft, billowy texture.

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Pricing guide

Pricing Guide for Curtains

The price guide gives an approximate cost for making your curtains in these styles – each with the option of lined or un-lined ,  interlined curtains would require a further estimate. The price  includes the tapes required,  hooks or eyelets and includes the cost of making.  As we do not  know which fabric you will choose, the price excludes this cost, but you can adjust by looking at the price and costing it by 2x width for pencil pleat, others require 2.5 x width or ask for help with this calculation.
If you have decided on a fabric and want an accurate quotation we can reply quickly.  We respond with an individual quote for your bespoke curtains which shows the amount of fabric needed to achieve the required fullness in the curtain style selected. Prices are inclusive of IVA.

Pricing Guide for Blinds

The  pricing guide for blinds includes the “haberdashery” i.e. the lining, rods, the fixing and raising/lowering track, blind pulls and includes the cost of making. As with curtains, it does not include the cost of the fabric. to receive an exact quotation which includes IVA please ask and we can quickly reply, cost of fabric varies but we can cater for any budget.  You may also choose a  special finish for added impact by use of trimmings, you  can add beads, contrast fabric borders, braids. Especially effective when used on plain fabrics.
We can also supply poles/tracks and a fitter for curtains and blinds. Our curtain poles are available on the website or speak with Alison personally.
We also  offer a made to measure service for cushions and other soft furnishings from simple scatter cushions, upholstery for interior and exterior furniture and we can give a rough estimate from dimensions but will  need a template before confirming and making up the item. We are also able to offer a made to measure service for loose covers.
For bedrooms, our sewing room makes bed valances, bed covers, bed cushions and fitted sheets for the home or boat.
Triple pinch pleat
A classic curtain heading which never dates.
The pleat consists of three folds which create a beautiful even drape.
Double pinch pleat
A more contemporary take on the classic triple pleat. Still drapes beautifully but uses less fabric for a more chic finish
Pencil pleat
The standard curtain tape, producing a continual row of small pleats.
The curtain hangs in a random fashion for a more informal effect.
Eyelet heading

A very modern heading, the eyelets are set in the fabric and the pole threads through the eyelets.The curtain hangs in an undulating wave for a simple contemporary feel.
The eyelets are available in various colour’s.
Cartridge heading
A contemporary finish giving a sleek curtain, requiring minimal stacking space.
Wave Heading
The wave curtain hangs in the same way as the eyelet and is a good alternative for those windows where eyelets are not possible, also very cost effective.
It is a very modern sleek look and may require specialist pole/track and tape.
For a ‘quick quote’ measure your window from side to side and from top to bottom. Then let us know the measurements including the space you have either side, we can estimate using an average priced fabric.

If you happy with the quick quote then we can further proceed with more details for your approval and select a fabric with you.
email for the details at

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Contact Alison for more information

Superior Interiors offer the Complete Service for Curtains, Soft Furnishings, Upholstery and Interior Decor for the Home and Commercial Premises, using only the highest quality fabrics and materials.

All goods made on the premises personally by Alison, the proprietor Delivery and fitting service included.

·  Curtains from fully lined to light voiles, custom headings, roman and london blinds, roller blinds,
venetian and cellular.
·  Bespoke bedspreads, cushions and valances.
·  Upholstery for interior furniture and exterior including sofas and loungers.
·  Marine upholstery and soft furnishings
·  Full fitting service by professionals.

There are few things more thrilling than having a new house or an empty room to decorate. Our imaginations soar as we consider the many possibilities.  This can be as simple as a few new cushions to a total home makeover.

We make a statement when we create a room furnished and dressed elegantly or simply , visitors feel the mood you wish to create.  We express our deeper selves, so that the adornments we add to the home make it more meaningful, more beautiful, and as welcoming as a possible.

How to contact us?
For a quote or general enquiry you can telephone on:
(00 34) 606 651 561
or mail us at

Facebook page

Interior Design by SYZYGY




syzygy ˈsɪzɪdʒi – noun
1. ASTRONOMY – a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun.
“the planets were aligned in syzygy
2. a pair of connected or corresponding things.

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