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20 year Anniversary

¡Estamos de fiesta!

Queremos celebrar contigo las dos décadas que lleva Maisons du Monde en España y, por eso, ¡te traemos las mejores ofertas con hasta un -50% de descuento hasta el 17 de abril!*


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Floor lamps

Ceiling lamps


Essentials of the lounge, the tables offer multiple opportunities to gather, both for family meals and for an aperitif dinner with friends. Progressively it became a true decoration accessory, it declines in a variety of shapes, materials and colors to suit any interior style. For fans of contemporary appearance, our tables with geometric shape design will be the perfect accessory to add a touch of modernity. Our vintage-style models, meanwhile, will be perfect for a retro and modern interior. In addition to receiving, the use can be diverted to deposit magazines or expose other decorative elements. So, whether with wheels, round or rectangular, there are necessarily coffee tables designed to adapt to the movements of your daily life. Once it started, why not concede the rest of the furniture as the TV stand? It’s up to you!


Lounge Furniture

Dining room furniture

Whatever your room, house or apartment and regardless of whether your style is rather classic, modern, elegant, bohemian, exotic or, simply, personal, you will surely agree that it is essential to have a place to sit. That’s why we offer you a wide range of products, from the most basic to the most sophisticated and from the most neutral to the most colorful, to combine with any decoration. All seats are useful and attractive at the same time, bringing a decorative touch to your interior. Depending on the style of your furniture, you can opt for wooden, metal, fabric or even wicker seats. Do not think twice and come and discover all our models, both on our website and directly in our stores

diining room



Support furniture is considered to be those that do not have a main role in the home, but that provide comfort and comfort to the people who live inside. This is what happens with all kinds of side tables, among which the most common is the bedside table. This is a piece of furniture that is not in all bedrooms, but without a doubt those who have it have more storage space and a nice place to pick up and leave things before sleeping. Stools, coat racks and small shelves can also be considered support furniture: they often occupy just a corner or the top of a wall, and we don’t realize they’re there until we need them. A hanger or a stool in the reception, for example, are a great help to hang the jackets and support us to take off our shoes.

Hallway furniture

Bedroom Furniture


Bedroom furnitureis key to creating a bubble that invites rest. First, carefully furnish this room always thinking about comfort. Then, choose some decoration elements to create a relaxing atmosphere to your liking.


Beds and furniture

bedroom 3

Bed Linen


Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom is an important space in our homes, and you may spend a lot of time in it showering and grooming. That is why it is important that the bathroom has both functional and beautiful and decorative furniture. 


Maison du Monde

We have decided to do our bit to change because we want our homes to be as joyful as they are responsible, as elegant as they are committed, as modern as they are sustainable, and because we love our planet as much as its inhabitants.

Christmas at Maison du Monde

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas decorations

Table ware for Christmas

Maison du Monde Gift Ideas

New Era of comfort living

Slow Living Interior Design

So I am back in the room pondering “slow living” and comfort zones and peace and harmony in my life, and Worldwide eventually , and have noticed of late the influence on the clothes in store as well as fabrics in the home. For my home I prefer only accents of colour in the main living space, I like to keep that area without mental distractions and drama, unless it is art, depending the season I will enhance with the festivity ie Christmas and my mood, but daily dressing is another arena to consider,

During the lock down period, I did not once have a pyjama day, well maybe one , but I duly wore my trusty black leggings ( weather permitting) and tops and jumpers taken from the back of the wardrobe, getting the wear out of the usually overlooked items and ” shopping my wardrobe” as my Youtubers…

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Rugs and Carpets

Superior Interiors

All rugs are available is various widths, up to 400 cms and with a choice of edging,  details on request.

City Line




Outdoor carpet



Mediterranean Menorca Ivory

Menorca Sand

Mediterranean Menorca Sand




Conga Abaca Brown

Conga Abaca Ivory

Espadrille Natural






Aspen Leather

Aspen Coffee , leather rugs

Sisel Ivory

Sisel Sand

Twist Natural



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Classic Quality Bedding

High quality Egyptian Cotton in a beautiful range of sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover sets, classic and timeless. Beautifully luxurious, and superbly smooth, soft, and long lasting.

Apple tree Tasha white

Apple Tree Tasha Silver


Balmoral ruched White

Balmoral ruched Silver


Balmoral white




Cleopatra Gold


Cleopatra Silver

Harvard Grey


Harvard Navy

Hotel Stripe

Balmoral Cream




Glamour Styling

A touch of Glamour for the bedroom with duvet covers.

Prices on request

Tiffany Velvet  Silver

Tiffany Velvet Gold


Stardust Ombre


Shimmer White


Shimmer Silver


Sandringham Ivory


Lattice Velvet


Murray Stone

Kylie Minogue Glitter Silver

Krista White


Krista Rose Gold


Sequin Cluster

Boulevard Oyster