New Era of comfort living

Slow Living Interior Design

So I am back in the room pondering “slow living” and comfort zones and peace and harmony in my life, and Worldwide eventually , and have noticed of late the influence on the clothes in store as well as fabrics in the home. For my home I prefer only accents of colour in the main living space, I like to keep that area without mental distractions and drama, unless it is art, depending the season I will enhance with the festivity ie Christmas and my mood, but daily dressing is another arena to consider,

During the lock down period, I did not once have a pyjama day, well maybe one , but I duly wore my trusty black leggings ( weather permitting) and tops and jumpers taken from the back of the wardrobe, getting the wear out of the usually overlooked items and ” shopping my wardrobe” as my Youtubers…

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