Kylie Minogue Bedding

Transform your bedroom to star status with beautiful bed linen from the Kylie Minogue ‘At Home’ Collection. These stunning designs embrace all the glamour and star quality associated with the showgirl herself. Add a touch of Kylie magic to your home with the stunning range of cushions from the Pop Princess. Embellished with crystals or a sparkling diamante trim, the cushions sit perfectly in the bedroom. With a choice of throws in either faux fur or satin, together with the beautiful satin runners designed to complement the bedding, your entire home can have the touch of Kylie magic.

For more information contact Alison on 606 651561 or email

alexa gold Alexa-FINAL-small astor kylie Eleanora iliana_oyster_kylie_minogue_640x639_ img_03iliana_silver kylie cushion Kylie-mezzano-praline-pillowt-cases-750x750 kylie-minogue-eleanora-set-750x750 kylie-minogue-petra-pillowcases-750x750 Lux-Champagne

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